There’s a Lesson In Zumba For Us All: Just Give It All You Got!

So, I finally went and jumped on the Zumba bandwagon. Folks who were already attending the classes were right–I’m hooked! The music, the moves, and the attitude of not giving a darn who saw me getting my dance on, was inspiring. It was SO much fun! I especially loved the fact that there were men in the class (three to be exact), and one was so rhythmically challenged, he nearly took out an entire group of dancers while swinging his arms. But you know what? It didn’t matter. He was in there dancing, laughing, feeling the music, having a good time, and trying his best. When the instructor introduced a new step, he kept on going until he mastered it (or came close). Isn’t that what it’s about? Just give it all you got! It’s a lesson we can all appreciate. Do what you love, be in the moment, but just make sure you give it all you got.