Tickets and Clipper

Tickets and Clipper

Spending Your Fare

Young ones 4 and under trip free but everyone will need to have a legitimate bart admission or Clipper card. Evidence of re payment is needed.

To obtain the price of A bart that is particular trip make use of the BART Fare Calculator.

Most BART channels have actually Clipper vending devices and solution vending devices which accept all U.S. coins and dollar bills (excluding $50 and $100 bills). Select machines accept debit and credit cards. Some purchasing restrictions use.

During the summer of 2019, BART began a pilot system that expanded how many channels where in fact the only fare item designed for purchase could be the Clipper card. Channels without solution vending devices consist of Embarcadero, Powell Street, nineteenth Street, Downtown Berkeley, Pittsburg Center and Antioch. Find responses to faqs here.

There was a 50 cent surcharge per journey for Blue seats. The surcharge would be prorated for discount paper admission users in order for seniors and folks with disabilities spend a 19 cent youth and surcharge spend a 25 cent surcharge. Riders ought to get a Clipper Card in order to prevent the surcharge.

Youth 5-18 years of age have 50% off by having a youth Clipper card. Seniors age 65 and over get 62.5% off having A clipper that is senior card. See Clipper Discounts to learn more.

BART does a one 12 months test of mobile ticketing (through 12/2/19) utilizing the BART to Airport application. It gives reduced mobile tickets up to 25% for team airport travel. Find out about how it operates and download the app.

The excursion fare set on 1, 2020 is $6.20 january.

How exactly to Use Clipper

You simply need to “tag and go” to pay for your ride when you get to the fare gate. (more…)