What exactly is HECS-HELP? Understanding your HECS-HELP debt

What exactly is HECS-HELP? Understanding your HECS-HELP debt


HECS-HELP has two elements – it really is both that loan and a learning student discount.

The australian Government (through the HECS-HELP scheme) will pay your course fees for you for example, if you are an eligible student.

The Australian federal government will pay the quantity of the loan right to your training organization.

Loan repayments are then made through the Australian taxation system as soon as your earnings reaches a particular threshold (presently $45,881 for the 2019-20 economic 12 months). You’ll be able to make repayments that are voluntary any moment no matter income.

A debt that is HECS-HELP incurred rigtht after the elected ‘census’ date for almost any University course you have got nominated to get HELP support for.

Am I entitled to HECS-HELP?

To be eligible for HECS-HELP, you have to:

  • Be learning in a Commonwealth supported spot;
  • Be A australian resident; or
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  • Be a unique Zealand Special Category Visa owner whom meets the residency that is long-term; or
  • Be considered a permanent visa holder that is humanitarian
  • Be signed up for each product at your college because of the census date;
  • Meet with the HECS-HELP that is relevant residency; and
  • Submit a legitimate obtain Commonwealth help and HECS-HELP form because of the census date (or previous administrative date) to your college. (more…)