4 maps which will alter the manner in which you see migration in European countries

4 maps which will alter the manner in which you see migration in European countries

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Are you aware that Polish people represent the percentage that is highest regarding the foreign-born populace in Norway? Or that the proportion that is largest of immigrants to your Republic of Ireland hail through the British?

These four maps, produced by Jakub Marian, a linguist that is czech mathematician and musician, are derived from a 2015 research by the un on worldwide migration. They reveal European migration divided in to various figures:

1. The portion associated with the population of each and every country that is composed of foreign-born migrants

2. Probably the most typical nation of beginning for that quantity

3. Whether that true quantity went up or down within the previous 5 years

4. The immigrant populations being expanding the absolute most

1. Wide range of foreign-born individuals as a share of this total population

Some might expect the UK to figure highly on this map, but it does not appear in the top five in light of the Brexit vote.

The people because of the percentage that is highest of foreign-born individuals is Luxembourg (45.9%), followed closely by Switzerland (29.6%), Sweden (18.5%), Austria (17.4%), Estonia (15.8%) and Germany (14.5%).

The united kingdom is available in at 13.4per cent.

Utilizing information from Eurostat on asylum applications between January 2015 and June 2016, Marian then mapped which nations have already been many afflicted with the European migration crisis. Austria and Sweden had been the actual only real countries that are european register an above 1% escalation in their foreign-born populations as portion associated with the total, while Germany revealed a lower than 1% enhance. (more…)