Truth About Title Pawning Loans and Bankruptcy

Truth About Title Pawning Loans and Bankruptcy

Title Pawning Loans

As a Georgia bankruptcy lawyer, we hate name pawning loans. Title pawning loans and Chapter 13 bankruptcy could be a tiny bit tricky|bit that is little because some clients will totally lose all their ownership fascination with their car before a case are filed to guard them.

As an example, let’s say you have got a Georgia customer who borrows $1,000.00 for XYZ Title Pawn Company. Let’s state that this Georgia customer needs to miss work with 2 months as a result of cancer tumors remedies. In this instance, let’s say it happens to be 61 times since their name pawn contract has expired. He could be actually concerned which he might lose their vehicle.

He desperately requires this automobile to make the journey to work and to future remedies. This Georgia customer then informs his neighbor about their plight. Their neighbor then recommends Georgia customer to get speak to a professional, pleased and energetic bankruptcy attorney known as Jeff Kelly. Can Chapter 13 save this Georgia customer? Unfortuitously, is not any as the name pawn agreement has expired as well as the 30 time elegance period has ended.

Area 44-14-403(b)(1) of this Georgia Code states that “There shall grace duration on all pawn deals. (more…)