CO2 extracted pen that is vape with cannabis derived terpenes. This product is a component associated with the Entourage line providing spectrum that is full. Strains will turn frequently predicated on flower harvest. CO2 vape pen cartridge is created for usage aided by the Trulieve Silver Button Battery.

CBD / THC Information

THC per cartridge: around 400mg

CBD per cartridge: roughly not as much as 5 mg

The typical dosage for the product is 5mg, two times a day. In line with the dose that is average 30-day supply is $42, a 50-day supply is $70, and a 70-day supply is $98. These numbers are based only an average of doses that will never be relevant to all the patients. Consult a certified physician to uncover what dosage works best for your trouble.


Charge the Trulieve Silver Button Battery. Plug the USB into a suitable USB port that is charging. The unit must completely charge for example (1) hour. Interrupting the billing process may end up in an undesirable battery that is performing. The battery’s contact heads should really be away from debris.

To make use of with vaporizer cartridges; To utilize, take away the USB part (store within the box given to safekeeping) and screw the vape cartridge in to the pen unit. To make these devices on, press the silver button 5 times within 3 moments. A light will flash when switched on. Keeping the switch down will illuminate the light and alert you the product is preparing to make use of. Press and contain the key right down to engage energy and vaporize the cartridge for your suggested dose. NOTE: to alter the heat environment THREE (3) button presses will find the adjustable voltage as follows: Red is 4.0 Volts, Blue is 3.8 Volts, Green is 3.6 Volts. The Green setting is preferred because it will prolong battery pack life and lower the warmth utilized to vaporize the contents of this cartridge to make the device off, press the silver button 5 times within pure protein vanilla cream review 3 moments.


The product has intoxicating impacts and might be forming that is habit. There could be health threats linked to the usage of this system. The product is infused with marijuana or active substances of marijuana. This system must not be utilised by pregnant women or nursing. to be used by grownups in addition to kiddies only as recommended by your physician. Keep away from reach of young ones. Items containing THC can impair concentration, coordination and judgment. Don’t run an automobile or machinery that is heavy the impact for this medication. Caution: when consumed, the intoxicating effects of this medication might be delayed by two (2) or higher hours. The product can be illegal beyond your continuing state of Florida. The container that is enclosed youngster resistant.

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